April 11, 2006

Birthday Hanami
As a part of my birthday celebrations last week, we had a party under the Cherry Blossom Trees near where we live.

Check out the rest of the photos, or see them as a slideshow


At 8:51 PM, Anonymous Duncan said...

Hi Jim

I hope that you and the family are well. Happy birthday. Sorry that I have not been in touch lately. Busy with work and play and lazy. Your blog is brilliant as can just up date on all the Hart family events.

Great photos of all of you.

Lots of stuff going on here. Charlton are very inconsistent. Not helped by the Curbishley England chat.

Charlotte and I are hopefully moving to North London, a house with a garden. Will miss Shepherd's Bush but lots of exciting things in North London, nearer Spurs for a start.

Have you heard, Steve and Luciana are expecting, I think that she is due in September.

Will write more soon. Keep blogging and best wishes to all the family.


At 10:43 PM, Blogger James Hart said...

Cheers D. It's great to hear from you. Good luck with the house and pass on my congrats to Steve when you see him.
Charlton's season is over already as usual, but only 51 days to the big kick-off in Deutschland.
Speak to you soon...


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